"Monstercat 3 Year Anniversary Compilation Album"
Monstercat - 3 Year Anniversary
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Released September 15, 2014
Catalog Number MCX003
Length 2:18:53
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Track Listing Edit

No. Track Artist Length Release Date Genre Vocalist Remixer Other Related
1 Various Monstercat Artists3 Year Anniversary MixElectronic (Mix)3:16mixed by Didrick
2 Pegboard NerdsHere It ComesDubstep3:33
3 GrabbitzHere With You NowDrumstep4:33
4 Tristam & BrakenFlightDrumstep3:39
5 Lets Be FriendsFTWElectro4:17
6 Aero ChordSurfaceTrap4:14
7 HaywyreThe SchismGlitch Hop5:20
8 RogueNight After NightGlitch Hop3:56
9 HaywyreBack and ForthGlitch Hop4:16
10 Stephen Walking & SouleroAmpersandElectro4:56
11 TristamTruthElectro5:15
12 HellbergThis Is ForeverProgressive House6:12feat. Danyka Nadeau
13 AstronautApolloElectro4:22
14 Au5Follow YouHouse4:20feat. Danyka Nadeau
15 Hellberg, Deutgen, & SplitbreedCollideHouse4:49
16 TrivectaOne Night OnlyDubstep4:05feat. Yohamna Solange
17 Case & PointAll On MeElectro5:45feat. Gamble & Burke
18 RogueAdventure TimeElectro5:38
19 ThrottleNext Big ThingElectro5:00
20 Pegboard NerdsDisconnectedElectro4:01
21 Varien & RazihelToothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band)Glitch Hop4:00
22 TelevisorStrutNu Disco3:44
23 RezonatePump It!Electro4:07
24 BrakenTo The StarsDrumstep3:22
25 Pegboard NerdsClose EncounterDubstep4:10
26 nanobiiRainbow RoadHappy Hardcore2:53
27 Mr FijiWiji, Laura Brehm, & AgNO3Pure SunlightElectronic5:37
28 Going QuantumHello?Dubstep6:01
29 RogueFrom The DustDrumstep4:31
30 EphixaDubstep Killed Rock 'n' RollDubstep4:20
31 Pegboard Nerds & TristamRazor SharpMoombahcore4:41

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