"Another Day EP"
TVDS - Another Day EP
Extended Play by TVDS
Released January 4, 2013
Length 14:45
Catalog Number MCEP019
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No. Track Length Genre Notes
1 Another Day4:58Progressive HouseOriginal Mix
2 Another Day2:54Progressive HouseDub Mix
3 Another Day3:07Progressive HouseRadio Mix
4 Another Day3:46ElectroAlternate Mix

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July 2, 2012 Black SkyRadaSoulseeker
September 28, 2012 For You
November 5, 2012 Bumblebee
January 4, 2013 Another Day
December 13, 2013 State of Mind
Extended Plays
July 2, 2012 Black Sky EP
January 4, 2013 Another Day EP
Mixes, VIPs, & Other
January 4, 2013 Another Day (Alternate Mix)Another Day (Dub Mix)Another Day (Radio Mix)
As Atmozfears
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