• 99e99

    I think this page becomes too heavy. Maybe we should divide it. I offer to divide it on 6 pages:

    • Monstercat: Uncataloged Releases (Pre-Catalog Singles + Uncataloged Free Releases)
    • Monstercat: Singles (MCS001 - MCS500)
    • Monstercat: Singles (MCS501 - MCS1000) (+ 1001 - 1500 in future)
    • Monstercat: Free Releases (MCF003 - MCF500)
    • Monstercat: Extended Plays (MCEP001 - MCEP500)
    • Monstercat: Long Plays (MCLP001 - MCLP500)
    • Monstercat: Compilations (all compilations)

    After that delete this page. (Users who can do it, please answer here)

    If no one is against it, I start do it a week later (or not).

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  • Clbsfn

    Should the articles for vocalists be put into categories corresponding to the genres of songs they contribute to?

    For example, Anna Yvette was featured on Neon Rainbow, a D&B track, so should her page then be categorized under "Drum & Bass Artists"?

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  • S3lsunBlu3


    May 30, 2017 by S3lsunBlu3


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  • TrevorOntario719

    I quit

    September 16, 2016 by TrevorOntario719

    Hello. I'm leaving the wiki and my position as admin mainly because for a few things.

    1. This wiki has came a long way, and I think I'm not really needed anymore.

    2. I've lost interest, and to be honest, gained a dislike for Monstercat after the 5 Year Anniversary Compilation. I found their releases this year to be not as good as what they've been putting out last year, but it was the Getter remix of Alone that caused me to just stop listening to new releases.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to be an admin here. You may find me at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, where I have became a chat moderator.

    P.S. Rina, please make sure to demote me some time.

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  • TrevorOntario719

    So today I was going through the Stephen Walking page (transferring info for our merger), and I noticed this file link that was deleted when Vulpes was doing some edits. I looked at it, and saw that no one had posted a copy of it on Reddit. One of the posts said that the video was there, and put a link to it. It was unfortunately on some Chinese site, so I had to download some weird software to download and upload it on YouTube.

    And so, here it is!

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  • TrevorOntario719


    May 13, 2016 by TrevorOntario719
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  • Wildfirehaa

    Name says it all. i noticed some people are in charge of some specific things and I wanted to do podcasts

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  • Wildfirehaa


    February 10, 2016 by Wildfirehaa

    Just wanted to chat with everyone. I had a few questions:) 

    1. How do you join a group? I'm new to the whole editing wikia thing even though i'm having a lot of fun. 

    2. Are there some off limit posts that I cannot edit? 

    3. Is there a editing limit? 

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  • KCCreations


    August 6, 2015 by KCCreations

    So...for all of you who didn't know (if any)...I'm going to be adopting the Monstercat Wiki soon!

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  • Blitzmaster444


    March 29, 2014 by Blitzmaster444

    its over. someone just went through and ruined every good page of the wiki, along with adding pages on pages of pure horsecrap.

    I'm abondoning this project


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  • Blitzmaster444

    add more pages

    November 26, 2013 by Blitzmaster444

    we need moar pages

    add the following plz



    -(eventually) SONGS

    just follow the given format on given pages and you should be fine.


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  • Blitzmaster444

    herro peoplez

    November 26, 2013 by Blitzmaster444

    so.. this is a blog.


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