Our song "Boy and the Beast" sort of started as a fun little test because I remember sending the idea to Brendan and I was like 'I challenge you to work with me on something in a minor key.' As many of you know, a lot of Puppet's music is very major and very uplifting so when we developed this dark and intense song together we had such a crazy time diving into a sound neither of us had really explored before.

– Pierce Fulton[1]

"Boy and the Beast"

Pierce Fulton & Puppet - Boy and the Beast

Puppet - Soft Spoken EP

Song by Pierce Fulton & Puppet
From Monstercat 025 - Threshold
From Soft Spoken EP
Brand: Uncaged
Released December 9, 2015
Genre Electro
Length 4:33
Catalog Number MCS394
BPM 128
Key G Minor
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"Boy and the Beast" is an electro song by Pierce Fulton and Puppet from the latter's Soft Spoken EP. It was released via Monstercat on December 9, 2015, and is included as the tenth track on Monstercat 025 - Threshold.


  • Fulton posted a tweet showing a performance of the song in late May 2015.


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