Electro is a common genre on Monstercat. The first electro release was Cold Blood and Ice Cream Cones by Arion appearing on Monstercat 001 - Launch Week. Electro (short for Electro House) is a subgenre of house. It is typified by its heavy bass. This is often in the form of buzzing basslines, such as those created with sawtooth waves and distortion. It is also often in the form of large bass drum sounds in a four-on-the-floor pattern.

The associated color for this genre on Monstercat is yellow. This genre can vary a lot, since there are many different styles of electro. It is important to note for labeling purposes, the following subgenres can be assumed to be under the 'umbrella' of electro:

Common Subgenres: Edit

  • Complextro - Places emphasis on intricate synthwork & basslines
  • Electro Swing - Most songs that fall under this introduce Jazz Theory concepts to create a fluent jazzy mood.
  • Bass House - Electro with major emphasis on on Deep Bass intrusion
  • Bounce - Currently debatable over whether it is actually a Subgenre of Electro; since they started out so Differently. Usually described with a 4/4 Beat Pattern & A Melbourne Bass between each kick with a usual fall & rise effect.
  • Big Room - Places emphasis on Large Room Reverbing & an emphasis on keeping each element of the track as loud as possible without peaking.
  • Skizzo - [Someone help edit this part. Thank you. ~ Ary]
  • Chiptune - introduces 8-bit sound and programmable sound generator sound chips used in vintage computers, consoles, and arcade machines.

Trivia Edit

  • As of right now, Electro's being released rarely on Monstercat

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