"Falling (Trivecta & Wooli)"
Song by Trivecta & Wooli
From Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5
Brand: Uncaged
Released May 21, 2018
Genre Dubstep
Length 3:38
Catalog Number MCS689
BPM 150
Key F Major
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Falling is the 8th Monstercat release for Florida-based melodic dubstep producer Trivecta, as well as the debut single from previous remixer Wooli. It's featured as the 14th track on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5, and is a riddim/brostep track with a euphoric melodic dubstep drop in the middle.

Trivia Edit

  • This track was first previewed in a Seven Lions set at Beyond Wonderland in March 2018, being mashed up with Seven Lion's own "Slow Dive".
  • This song uses the same song structure as Cold Hearted (Seven Lions & Kill The Noise).
  • This is the first Trivecta song to not have a featured artist.
  • This is the first Trivecta song released on Monstercat to feature Trivecta's new logo text.

Lyrics Edit

Falling (Trivecta & Wooli) Lyrics
Falling, fading
Won't come down
Falling, fading
Won't come down
Falling, fading
Won't come down
Falling, fading
Won't come down
Unknown Source
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