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Monstercat (previously known as Monstercat Media) is an EDM record label based out of Vancouver, Canada.[1] Mike Darlington, CEO,[2][3] and Ari Paunonen, COO, founded Monstercat in July 2011.[1]

Unlike other labels that sign artists to exclusive label deals, Monstercat signs their artists on a per-track basis, giving them full copyright to a song while still giving the artist freedom to release other productions where they see fit.[4] Monstercat releases 3 new tracks per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with an hour-long podcast every Tuesday. After a certain amount of releases - currently 30 - Monstercat adds 2 album mixes and bundles them into a compilation album. Remixes and multiple tracks from an Artist's EP are generally not included in each compilation.


In July 2011, Mike Darlington (CEO) and Ari Paunonen created Monstercat as a YouTube channel.[1] and Paunonen's friends to share and promote their music.[1][2][5] Darlington and Paunonen created compilation albums to provide artists with a method of releasing their music and attempt to lessen the competitiveness between them.[1][6] The first song on the label was Dubstep Killed Rock n Roll by Ephixa on Monstercat's first album, "Launch Week", which features seven artists: Feint, Halo Nova (Now Varien), Stephen Walking, Ephixa, Neilio, Arion, and Going Quantum. Recent albums now feature upwards of 30 artists with an even larger variety of genres. [6]

In December 2011 Monstercat signed Krewella,[1][2][5] an American electronic dance music group from Chicago, Illinois; "Killin' It" being their first original song released by a label.[2][7] Monstercat promoted Krewella with social media campaigns and partnered with EDM YouTube promotional channels for a larger platform.[1] Their second song on Monstercat was a collaboration with Pegboard Nerds titled 'This is Not The End'. It was released in September 2013, but was only sold on Krewella's forthcoming album 'Get Wet' through Columbia Records.

In June of 2014, Monstercat reached one million record sales, and became the 11th most subscribed channel on YouTube[4] in Canada. Since then, Monstercat has grown to become the largest YouTube channel in Canada and has broken into the Top 350 in the world. [8]

In summer 2016, when Monstercat came to the 5th Anniversary, they made a 5-anniversary complication album, which is a album of 10 songs (which they released in 2 weeks, without Saturday and Sunday), including a 5-anniversary mashup mix, mixed/made by Didrick.

After that, they started to release their tracks - without visualizer color and the space background, which turned into backgrounds from the single artwork. Plus, they changed the 4th design chance of the single artworks.


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