"Monstercat Podcast - Episode 005"
Podcast 005
Episode 004 Episode 006
Released April 17, 2014
Length 59:47
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The fifth episode of the Monstercat Podcast was premiered on April 15th and released on April 17th, 2014. The episode is 59 minutes and 47 seconds long (59:47).

Track listingEdit

No. Approx. Time Track Artist(s) Vocalist(s) Remixer(s) Specials
1 0:31FTWLets Be Friends
2 4:47NerveFavright
3 8:48AstrocatPIXL
4 13:29ItvaraFractal
5 18:14This TimeFavright
6 22:28RenzokukenRazihel
7 27:57State of MindAtmozfearsfeat. In-Phase
8 31:02QuantumAstronautSpag Heddy
9 34:46Power FractureTut Tut Child
10 37:57TruthTristamCandyland
11 41:23LeophantFalcon Funk
12 45:31From the DustRogue
13 49:47The CovenantDroptek
14 53:06MaelstromTut Tut Child
15 56:24Do ItRootkit

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