"Rainbow Road"
Nanobii - Rainbow Road
Song by nanobii
From Monstercat 016 - Expedition
Brand: Uncaged
Released February 12, 2014
Genre Hard Dance
Subgenre(s) Happy Hardcore
Length 2:53
Catalog Number MCS198
BPM 171
Key C Major
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"Rainbow Road" is a happy hardcore song by nanobii. It was released via Monstercat on February 12, 2014, and is included as the thirtieth track on Monstercat 016 - Expedition. This was also the debut of nanobii.

Trivia Edit

  • This song title is the same as in the Mario Kart stage, Rainbow Road.
  • This song is used by PewDiePie in his video, 'A Love Story'.
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January 2, 2017 Chipland
April 5, 2017 Bubble Beam
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