Shiawase is the 6th release from the Holland-based producer Dion Timmer. It is featured on Monstercat x Rocket League Vol. 3, and it is the second Hands Up release on the label overall.

Song by Dion Timmer
From Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3
Brand: Instinct
Released May 22, 2018
Length 3:37
Catalog Number MCRL003-2
BPM 150
Key D# Maj
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Trivia Edit

  • Shiawase, in Japanese, means "happiness".
  • This is the first Dion Timmer Monstercat song to be released on Instinct.
  • The cover art is referencing the cover art of other songs by Dion Timmer.
    • The clouds in the sky are similar to the purple thunderclouds that appear in "Panic".
    • The skyscrapers and buildings on the left are very similar to the ones from the artwork of "Lost".
    • The Purple-Blue color scheme here is also seen in every one of Dion Timmer's Monstercat releases, including "Panic", "Lost", "Till I Make It" featuring Tima Dee, as well as his collab with Modestep, "Going Nowhere".
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January 6, 2017 Lost
July 12, 2017 Till I Make It
February 19, 2018 Going Nowhere
May 22, 2018 Shiawase
July 10, 2018 The Right Type
July 25, 2018 Escape
October 16, 2018 Leave
March 7, 2017 Deep In The Night
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