"The Munsta (The Remixes)"
SCNDL - The Munsta (The Remixes)
Extended Play by SCNDL
Released June 19, 2014
Length 15:43
Catalog Number MCEP052
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The Munsta (The Remixes) is an EP by SCNDL containing remixes from their original Bounce track, The Munsta from other notable artists.

Track listingEdit

No. Track Length Genre Notes
1 The Munsta3:39TrapAero Chord Remix
2 The Munsta3:21HouseNitro Fun Remix
3 The Munsta3:28Hard DanceAlphavibeZ Remix
4 The Munsta5:15HouseAaron Jackson Remix

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[ vte ] SCNDL (Discography)
November 13, 2013 Bleed
May 5, 2014 The Munsta
Extended Plays
June 19, 2014 The Munsta (The Remixes)
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