Trance is one of the least released genres on Monstercat, along with Hard Dance & Trap. The first released Trance track was Eminence's Tanpopo, released on September 1st 2011. Trance is noted for only having 2 main artists, along with one release from Monstercat favorite, Ephixa. As of recent, however, artists known for other genres have began to experiment with trance. Trance returned as Stonebank & EMEL released an Uplifting Trance single for Monstercat's 5 Year Anniversary album. For Saving Light, it was part of a collab with Ditch The Label, which it and the music video was focusing on how bullying can be stopped.

The color associated with the genre is a bright blue color.

Tracklist Edit

[ vte ] Alphabetical List of Trance Songs (Genre)

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