Trance is a genre that started out as the purpose to creating a true entrancement in people. Trance is a rather diverse genre, with extremely descriptive subgenres that define the rules of Trance. Recent developments in the scene happened soon after the release of Saving Light, being the first Trance song to hit #1 across multiple digital stores in over a decade. Ever since then labels like A State Of Trance, Armada, Statement!, Flashover, Armind, & Anjunabeats have taken over the scene & have risen in popularity tremendously.

The BPM range of Trance can be anywhere from 115 BPM to 155 BPM, which is made possible by its many subgenres, the most common of which are listed and explained below.

Trance is one of the least released genres on Monstercat, along with Hard Dance & Trap. The first released Trance track was Eminence's Tanpopo, released on September 1st 2011. Trance is noted for only having 2 main artists, along with one release from Monstercat favorite, Ephixa. As of recent, however, artists known for other genres have began to experiment with trance. Trance returned as Stonebank & EMEL released an Uplifting Trance single for Monstercat's 5 Year Anniversary album.

In 2017, Saving Light, by Gareth Emery & STANDERWICK & featuring the vocals of HALIENE, was released. It was part of a collab with Ditch The Label, which it and the music video was focusing on how bullying can be stopped. It reached #1 on the Beatport charts soon after release.

The color associated with the genre is a bright blue color.

Commonly Referenced Subgenres: Edit

  • Classic Trance - The origins of the genre, sounding similar to Uplifting Trance but with a slightly less forceful kick. Most songs that have been labelled as Classic Trance have become known as Anthems over the last few years.
    • Neotrance - A Recent revival of Classic Trance that focuses more on Bass development, creating very eerie tracks, pioneered and made famous by Virtual Self.
  • Uplifting Trance - The most common form of Trance, typically produced with a layered & muffled kick drum and extremely upbeat melodies, which give the subgenre its name.
    • Pure Trance - Trance that resulted as a movement created by Trance Legend Solarstone; The Pure Trance Movement is a movement started in 2011 dedicated to making Uplifting & Tech Trance that has a lot of influences from Classic Trance.
  • Psychedelic Trance - A genre of Trance that stemmed off the back of Acid Trance; It focuses on creating heavily distorted vocals, usually samples. A prominent Tritonal Melody composing of Acid basses.
    • Psycore - Psytrance at a much more elevated BPM, with Hardcore influences & occasionally, slight Hardstyle kicks included.
    • Progressive Psytrance - Hybrid genre between Psytrance & Progressive Trance, typically sitting at BPM levels of 125-134.
  • Progressive Trance - A form of trance that focuses on Melody & Bass progression over extended periods of time. Progressive Trance songs usually have a very profound intro that lead into 2-3 minutes of buildup before a long drop.
    • Progressive - An umbrella term for Progressive Trance without its profound bass-driven intros & outros. It is focused on extremely slow & methodical progressions, and typically has much deeper atmosphere than normal Progressive Trance.
  • Goa Trance - A form of Trance originating from Goa, India. It is usually noted as being similar to Psytrance, and is another rare form of Trance. Many people consider Goa Trance a stem from Psytrance.
  • Tech Trance - Tech Trance is commonly referred to as being on the more interesting side of Trance, as it can range from extremely tame songs, to songs with hypercomplexity.
  • Melbourne Trance - A form of Trance originating from Melbourne, Australia & a hybrid between Melbourne Bounce & Trance. It has all elements from Melbourne Bounce but has the progression, bpm, and melodic structure of Trance.
  • Electro Trance - This form of Trance resulted from experiments on the Trance spectre in the early 90's & has seen a recent revival. Electro Trance has the synthwork of Electro House, and sometimes Complextro, but the progression & basswork of Progressive Trance.
  • Hard Trance - A form of Trance that results from the combination of heavy kicks & hypermelodies.
  • Big Room Trance - See the Electro page's subgenre description for an in-depth description of Big Room. Big Room Trance came from experimentation of combining the sounds of Progressive Trance, Electro Trance, and Big Room House, and has seen a recent surge in popularity.
  • Anthemic Trance - Anthemic Trance is the term for any Trance song voted the best of the year during A State of Trance's fan voting at the end of the year, or that has withstood the test of time and remains popular many years after its original release. Monstercat's Saving Light by Gareth Emery, Standerwick, & HALIENE managed to get one of their songs given Anthem & Tune of the Year status during 2017's voting & 4-hour Top 50 show on December 21, 2017.

Detailed List of Trance Tracks: Edit

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