With our creative company bitbird we worked on a visual concept for this EP, to create visuals that fit perfectly with the music and its intention. It all ties together, the artwork, teasers and the video clips. To us the concept is crystal clear in our minds, but not verbalized. It's our expression of how we envisioned this project. For the viewers and listeners it is open to interpretation.

– San Holo to Dancing Astronaut about the EP[1]

"Victory EP"
San Holo - Victory EP
Extended Play by San Holo (feat. Tessa Douwstra)
Released May 25, 2015
Length 11:56
Catalog Number MCEP073
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Victory is a 2015 extended play by San Holo. It was released via Monstercat on May 25, 2015.

Track listingEdit

No. Track Length Genre Notes
1 Victory4:01Future Bass
2 Hold Fast3:30Future Bassfeat. Tessa Douwstra
3 Shrooms4:25Electronic

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